Street Artist Tells Tucker: Hollywood Had 8 Years To Speak Up, ‘Said Nothing’

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Sabo called out his fellow artists for being silent about President Barack Obama’s overseas bombing campaigns on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday night.

The Los Angeles-based street artist also talked about what it’s like to be a conservative in California.


“I live in L.A., and I’m in the belly of the beast,” Sabo responded. “So why not punch it every now and then? I love L.A..” (RELATED: Michael Moore, Other Celebs Compare Shocking Oscar Ending To 2016 Election)

“But these entertainers, we welcome them into our homes, because we find them entertaining, only to be punched in the head with their politics. And I think that’s kind of rude.”


Carlson asked him what kind of response he has received from the fake movie posters he plastered across the city mocking the Oscars. (RELATED: PHOTOS: Street Artist Mocks Hollywood And The Oscars With Fake Movie Posters)

“I’ve gotten a great response,” Sabo responded. “In the beginning, I was getting hate from the left. As time progressed, I started seeing there was more and more conservatives and Republicans in Hollywood.”

“Unfortunately, they’re just kind of hiding because they know to hide,” he continued. “I love a good fight. I’d rather be in the mix of it. I actually love liberals. I just don’t want them governing over me because they want to take control over every aspect of my life.”

“I’m disappointed with a lot of the political artists because in the past eight years Barack Obama was dropping a bomb every 8-20 minutes and they said nothing,” Sabo said. “And now you can’t shut them up. And you know that told me something about them. They are just a bunch of establishment artists.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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