First Look At Film Starring An American Idol Contestant Who Said She Was Saving First Kiss For Marriage

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

American Idol contestant Moriah Peters, who said she was saving her first kiss for marriage, stars in an upcoming film called “Because of Gracia.”

“The decline of marriage is a national crisis,” Peters’ character said during the exclusive one-minute and ten second clip shared with The Daily Caller. (RELATED: First ‘Cars 3’ Trailer Apparently Shows Lightning McQueen Dying A Grisly, Gruesome Death [VIDEO])


The singer said that what her character goes through in the independent film was reflective of personal experiences, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Peters tried out when she was 16 for the popular singing contest show and told judges that she was saving her first kiss for marriage. While the judges praised her singing, Peters claims they were harsh on her lifestyle choices and one even told her to, “Go out, kiss a guy, then come back.”

In the movie, Peters plays a young girl going to a new high school with a mysterious past and who is saving herself for marriage.

It will be distributed by ArtAffects Entertainment group, which was founded by former Walt Disney executive Daniel Lange and his wife Margo Lange. They are also responsible for Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ.”

“We just want to release meaningful films with good messages,” Margo Lange said. “Gracia is a small film, but I think it can touch a lot of people.”

Peters never backed down from her choice and had that first kiss a few years ago when she married Joel Smallbone.

“Because of Gracia” hits 20 select markets across the country September 15, 2017 with plans to expand slowly.

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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