Report: Ryan Seacrest In Talks To Host ‘Idol’ Reboot, Kelly Ripa Not Thrilled

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Ryan Seacrest is in talks to return as the host of the new “American Idol,” and his “Live” co-host Kelly Ripa is not thrilled, according to the New York Post.

The former “Idol” host made the jump to ABC last week when he was announced as Ripa’s co-host on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” She had been without a permanent co-host for a year following Michael Strahan’s departure to “Good Morning America.” (RELATED: Kelly Ripa Might Have Already Found Her Next Co-Host For ‘Live’)

“She doesn’t want a repeat of the Michael Strahan situation,” a source told the outlet. “It’s like ABC is once again diluting the attention on ‘Live.’ She wants to make sure her show is Ryan’s first priority, not ‘Idol.'”

But another source said Ripa is 100 percent on board.

“Kelly is in the loop,” a source said. “She had approval over the co-host, so Ryan was her first choice. It was a very calculated decision by the network and by her. Everyone is thrilled. They’ve known each other 15 years . . . They really are friends.”

According to one insider, the opportunity host “Idol” was part of Seacrest coming to ABC.

“This isn’t some spur-of-the-moment deal,” an insider said. “It’s a part of his move to ABC. It’s a no-brainer. He took the job for ‘Idol’ and to host ‘Live.'”

A rep for Seacrest has denied that a deal exists.

“That’s untrue,” Seacrest’s rep said. “He does not have a deal with ‘Idol.’ He’s in conversations. His ‘Live’ deal was made independent of any ‘Idol’ discussions. His priority is ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ and his radio show.”

Seacrest addressed speculation about his possible return to “Idol” on the show Monday.

“I don’t know about that part yet,” Seacrest explained. “We haven’t gotten that far. This was news to me, actually, last week. I had said at the end of the series, ‘Goodbye for now,’ hoping somewhere it would come back.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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