ESPN’s ‘Mike & Mike’ Canceled After 17 Years On Air

Ford Springer | Reporter

A few weeks after ESPN cleaned house and fired over 100 employees, including some of their top television personalities, the network announced Tuesday they are canceling the popular show “Mike & Mike.”

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic have been co-hosing the morning radio show since 2000, and although ESPN is keeping both of the radio hosts on board, they will end their 17-year run together later this year.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Greenberg will be leaving “Mike & Mike” to host a new morning show between the hours of 7-10 am ET on ESPN and is set to premiere on January 1, USA Today Sports reports.

“One of the many benefits of working at ESPN is that change and evolution are in our DNA,” Greenberg said in a statement. “My run with Golic has been an incredible experience that I’ll always treasure, but having the chance to engage multiple voices every morning in a dialogue on each day’s sports stories will be a great new challenge.”

Golic is going to stay on in the “Mike & Mike” time slot but will be joined by new co-host Trey Wingo, who has previously worked as ESPN’s NFL host. Golic’s son, Mike Golic Jr., will join the first hour of the show every day as he usually does on “Mike & Mike.”

(Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images)

(Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images)

“With Mike & Mike’ ending later this year, I am looking forward to the opportunity to begin the next chapter of the ESPN morning show with Trey and my son Mike,” Golic said in a statement. “Both men will bring new and interesting voices to our morning conversations and help to create a fresh fun show for our audience. I appreciate the loyalty of those who have started their mornings with us over the years and hope they continue to do so for years to come.”

Golic’s new show will play on ESPN Radio from 6-10 am ET and air on ESPN2 at the same time until the big ESPN shakeup is all figured out.

Ford Springer



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