The Internet Thinks This Girl Can Play In The NFL — Which Is Utterly Ridiculous

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The internet is currently buzzing about 18-year old kicker Becca Longo possibly being the first woman to play in the NFL.

In the era of hot takes, this might top all of them. Brobible ran the headline, “18-Year-Old Becca Longo Wants To Be The First Female To Play In The NFL, And She Might Just Do It,” and Maxim echoed those sentiments in a piece titled, “BECCA LONGO COULD BE THE FIRST WOMAN IN THE NFL, AND YOU’VE GOTTA SEE HER KICK THE FOOTBALL.”

These arguments are borderline insane, and it has nothing to do with Longo being a woman. It has everything to do with the fact that she was only good enough to earn a scholarship to Adams State, a division II school.

Nobody is arguing that most division I kickers belong in the NFL, so why are people arguing that Longo does? It’s obviously because she’s a woman and they’re trying to push a narrative.

Alabama currently leads the NFL with most active players at 54. This means that the vast majority of players that suit up for Alabama never hang around in the NFL, and that is a dominant college program.

If most players suiting up for Alabama, Ohio State and USC aren’t making careers by playing on Sunday then I find it hard to believe the kicker at Adams State is on the fast track to the NFL.

There’s also an obvious safety concern here that all these glowing propaganda pieces seem to gleefully ignore. I can’t even begin to imagine the damage that could be done to a smaller human when they get bulldozed by a 250-pound linebacker or 300-pound defensive lineman.

The media should cut the garbage, congratulate the young woman on playing college football on some level and stop pretending all athletes are equal.

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David Hookstead

Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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