Johnny Depp Apologizes For Assassination Joke About Trump

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Johnny Depp apologized Friday after he joked about the assassination of President Donald Trump at a festival in England Thursday when he asked when was the “last time an actor assassinated a president?”

“I apologize for the bad joke I attempted last night in poor taste about President Trump,” a rep for the 54-year-old actor told ABC News. (RELATED: Johnny Depp Made An Assassination Joke About Trump)

Actor Johnny Depp. (Photo:Reuters)

Actor Johnny Depp. (Photo:Reuters)

“It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice,” he added. “I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone.”

The White House condemned and labeled Depp’s joke as “sad.”

“President Trump has condemned violence in all forms and it’s sad that others like Johnny Depp have not followed his lead,” a statement from a WH official read.

“I hope that some of Mr. Depp’s colleagues will speak out against this type of rhetoric as strongly as they would if his comments were directed to a Democrat elected official,” the statement added.

The Secret Service told the Hollywood Reporter that they were “aware of the comments in question,” but said for security reasons they could not say anything further.



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