Celebrate Margot Robbie’s Birthday With Her Best Moments [SLIDESHOW]

Will Atkins | Intern

Margot Robbie is turning 27 today. In her short career as an actress, the Australian beauty has become a household name and made a big splash in Hollywood.

The beautiful blonde has become the ultimate girl next door. She is arguably one of the most attractive women in all of Hollywood, being ranked the No. 22 sexiest woman alive by Maxim. (RELATED: We’re About To See A Whole Lot More Of Margot Robbie)

Her looks are stunning, but her acting is just as impressive. Margot Robbie’s career is quickly on the rise and we see no signs of it slowing down. Her involvement in such films as “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Suicide Squad,” “The Legend of Tarzan,” and “Focus” have solidified her as a force in the film industry.

In honor of her 27th birthday on Sunday, we thought we would celebrate with her and share with everyone just how stunning the actress really is.


Will Atkins



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