Paris Hilton: I Couldn’t Have Been Successful If I Really Were A ‘Dumb Blonde’

Ford Springer | Reporter

Paris Hilton gets annoyed when people still think of her as the “dumb blonde” from her reality television show “The Simple Life.”

The hotel heiress and Nicole Richie starred on the show from 2003 to 2007, and although it’s been off the air for a decade now, Hilton says she’s still seen as the dumb blonde “character” she “created.”

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“People think because of the character I played — people assume before they meet me that I’m a really ditzy dumb blonde,” Hilton told Refinery 29. “That’s the one thing that kind of annoys me sometimes. They just think because of the reality show that’s who I really am. But that was just a character that I created. I didn’t realize what a huge success [it would be] — that I would have to continue playing this character for five years. With everything that’s happening, though, with my business, I think people can understand that you couldn’t possibly get this far being a dumb blonde.”

Hilton has moved on from her reality TV days and has made a new name for herself as a rather successful entrepreneur. Paris owns three hotels, 35 boutiques, a fragrance company and recently launched her own lingerie line.

Despite the fact that she’s been off TV for 10 years, Hilton told Fox News that she still gets calls from networks for ideas for another show.

“I get calls every single day from networks and companies pitching ideas for a show,” she claimed. “Every single day. I really enjoyed being a pioneer in the reality television world, but now I’m on to bigger and better things. I don’t know, I’m just not into the whole reality thing anymore at all. I just see myself more as a businesswoman now and that’s what I really prefer to put my focus on now.”

Ford Springer



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