Today Is The 13-Year Anniversary Of ‘Entourage’ Premiering On HBO

David Hookstead | Reporter

Today is July 18, and it marks the 13-year anniversary of the hit HBO show “Entourage” premiering on HBO.

“Entourage” was one of the most successful television shows ever made, and it even led to a movie after the series wrapped up on HBO.

The storyline was enjoyed by just about every single male person I know under the age of 35, as we all watched Vince, his best friend E, his brother Drama, buddy Turtle and Hollywood super-agent Ari Gold do their best to navigate the rocky waters of the film industry.

Nowadays people will complain about Entourage and the message it sent. For some reason people in America these days hate partying, hot women and hanging out with your buddies. All those things are awesome, but “Entourage” was constantly slammed for a plot-line revolving around wealthy playboys. famously ripped the movie for being too much about bro culture. The movie, while not as great as the show, was still awesome.

But you know what the greatest part of the series was? It was the fact one of the greatest television characters ever was born: Ari Gold.

Gold was played by actor Jeremy Piven, and the dialogue he said throughout the years is complete gold.

Gold wasn’t the only great character on the show. The rest of the crew was also highly entertaining.

So next time somebody gives you a hard time for loving one of the best shows in the past couple decades take a quick moment, channel your inner Johnny Drama and kindly remind them that you are “the fucking game, pal!”

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