The Internet Is Pretty Mad About HBO’s New Show ‘Confederate’

David Hookstead | Reporter

HBO recently announced its new show “Confederate,” and the reaction on the internet is pretty much exactly what people have come to expect.

The plot of the show, according to HBO, is, “CONFEDERATE chronicles the events leading to the Third American Civil War. The series takes place in an alternate timeline, where the southern states have successfully seceded from the Union, giving rise to a nation in which slavery remains legal and has evolved into a modern institution. The story follows a broad swath of characters on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Demilitarized Zone — freedom fighters, slave hunters, politicians, abolitionists, journalists, the executives of a slave-holding conglomerate and the families of people in their thrall.”

That plot sounds very intriguing, but people on Twitter seem to have a very different take on the situation.

I’m not even sure where to begin here. It should be noted that HBO has a history of producing outstanding television. Its shows “Eastbound and Down,” “Entourage,” “Game of Thrones,” “Westworld” and “Silicon Valley” are all absolutely incredible shows. So, only a true moron would brush aside the potential of an HBO show.

More importantly, people seem really upset about the fact a show would dare pretend the Confederates won the Civil War. Can you imagine how disgusting it is for writers, actors and studios to make things up for entertainment purposes? I am horrified by the fact not every single thing on television and in the movies is entirely true. What a sad society we’re living in.

In reality, this show’s premise sounds an awesome and unique. Nobody has any idea how the characters or plot will be portrayed, so it’s foolish to prejudge a network with a history of keeping things interesting and unpredictable.

This is also a reminder that some people can never be satisfied. There could be an entire plot line of people killing slave masters, which seems likely given the fact that the plot specifically mentions “freedom fighters.”

Perhaps people should wait for the show to come out before spouting off nonsense on Twitter. Then again, that just makes way to much sense.

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