Does The New York Times Hate Attractive Women?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Startling evidence has surfaced that certain people at The New York Times might not be the biggest fans of models and attractive women.

I was enjoying my Wednesday morning as I always do. I cracked open an ice-cold Mountain Dew to start the day at 8 a.m. sharp, and got to work as always. It seemed like it’d be a normal day. My co-worker had a birthday, I figured I’d crack a few beers, crush a few stories and nothing major would happen.

Little did I know that I would be very wrong. I was grabbed by a high-ranking Daily Caller official and shown a stream of tweets, and some of the tweets were from New York Times writer Sopan Deb.

I don’t know Deb. I’ve never met him, I’ve heard his name once or twice, didn’t even know who he worked for, but then I realized he worked for the NYT. What were the offending tweets of his? He was shocked that I would have the audacity to defend the rights of attractive women, and that I was willing to use deadly force to defend the safety and lives of women.

How dare I take such an unpopular stance?

Deb can’t believe that my piece defending the rights of model Chloe Ayling and women in general got published? Would he have preferred if I wrote a piece suggesting we oppress women? Deb must also be shocked the Bill of Rights got published for the whole world to see. I’m sorry you hate freedom and my views so much, Sopan. What a brave stance you’ve taken.

The New York Times is supposed to be a reputable publication that shines a light on causes most people ignore. Now, we’re told by several media outlets that women are oppressed and kicked around by society.

So, I come along and suggest maybe we should not allow women to be kidnapped, and all of a sudden now these outlets think there’s a problem.

Where was the NYT advocating for the rights of Chloe Ayling or advocating for vengeance of models who have been wronged? You know who else probably doesn’t think Ayling should be defended? ISIS.

Congrats, Deb, you and ISIS are on the same side when it comes to whether or not my piece should have been published. How does it feel to share a side with people who execute Christians, journalists, gays and anybody they don’t like?

Take your woman-hating views and go find some new friends. There’s no place for your narrow-minded kind in my world.

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