Video Shows Crowd Singing ‘God Bless America’ Shortly Before Las Vegas Shooting

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The Las Vegas crowd was singing “God Bless America” shortly before Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd, and killed more than 50 people.

The chilling video was tweeted out Tuesday morning from the official account of country music duo Big & Rich, who was on stage as the crowd sang.

They captioned the video of fans singing in unison, “This is a POWERFUL moment of American unity. It’s time to unify. We love the fans and are heartbroken #prayforvegas.”

A crowd singing “God Bless America” is always a cool sight to see, but this video means so much more given the events that happened shortly afterwards. More than 50 people died and at least 500 people were wounded after Paddock rained down bullets during the Las Vegas strip massacre.

It’s in the darkest times that it’s so important to remember the things that bring us together as a country.

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