Grayson Allen Looks Ready For The Season – Hammers It In Practice

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Duke super villain basketball star Grayson Allen looks more than ready to lead the Blue Devils this season.

A video shows Allen taking the ball to the house during a practice yesterday, and he had no problem flying through the air to crush the ball.

I’m very torn on Allen. On one hand, he cost my Wisconsin Badgers a national title during my final year of college. He came out of nowhere during that game to snatch our championship run away.

On the other hand, he’s a great villain, and we all know how entertaining out of control alpha males in sports are.

I’ll have no choice but to be a major fan if he comes out this season and is dirtier than ever. It’s just so ballsy to constantly upset everybody in the sport on a regular basis. He doesn’t care about the critics. He only cares about going out there and being a massive headache for everybody, including his own team.

Allen might not be the hero college basketball deserves, but he’s the one we have. We might as well embrace him.

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