Hookstead’s Weekly Roundup: Where Does College Football Go From Here?

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

It’s Friday, and we’re actually going to do things a bit different from the mailbag.

I decided to expand the subject matter, and get into a wider variety of topics. However, don’t worry because I’m still always willing to incorporate questions from the audience. Keep sending questions to [email protected] if you have any.

From now on I’ll be picking the biggest news to me of the week and breaking it down.

1) Ohio State got screwed.

You can all complain all you want, but this is the truth. I might be the only person in the media talking about it, but that doesn’t make it any less true. They beat Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State. Alabama beat LSU and Mississippi State. So impressive. Also, we obviously can’t forget the Tide’s big win against Mercer.

2) Wisconsin will bounce back.

That was such a devastating loss in the Big Ten title game, but we’re going to bounce back. I have no doubt in my mind. Besides, Clemson and Oklahoma wanted no part of us. Nobody was happier to see Ohio State win than the teams in the playoff.

I also couldn’t be too mad. There was a gigantic Christmas party to keep me distracted after the final whistle. I won’t dabble too much in the details, but it was hard to be overly sad Saturday night.

3) “South Park” was incredible this season.

“South Park” wrapped up Wednesday night, and it was awesome. This season crushed PC culture, sexual harassment, nuclear war with Canada and so much. Will this show ever not be one of the best things on television? I don’t think so.

4) “The Punisher” steals the show on Netflix.

I had no idea what to expect when I started this show, but I was not disappointed. The show was everything we’d hoped it would be. Downright grade-A entertainment. Nothing but suspense, blood and a man out for revenge.

Make sure to hit me up if you want me to address anything specifically. Have a great weekend and try to survive without football.

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