Two Bros Fight For The Rights Of House Parties To Remain Legal In Hilarious Video

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Two comedians fought for the rights of Americans in Los Angeles to throw wild house parties.

John Parr and Tom Allen, aka JT and Chad, attended a Los Angeles city council meeting to stop a potential law that would ban house parties in the Hollywood Hills. It doesn’t disappoint at all.

Allen lets the people know how parties gave him the confidence to talk to women, and Parr revealed he didn’t need love because he had keg stands.

Let’s go! Who is ready to run through a wall!

That’s America. That’s what freedom is all about. I’ll be damned if I let some LA politicians take away my right to pound beers whenever I feel like it and with whoever I want to. Last time I checked my feet were firmly planted in the United States of America. This isn’t North Korea.

This tyranny must be defeated at every turn. Otherwise, next thing they’ll be telling us is that only gluten-free microbrews are legal. Imagine living in that kind of a hell. No way. Can’t let it happen.

God bless this country, God bless house parties and God bless beer.

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