Baker Mayfield Is A Lot Closer To Johnny Manziel Than Russell Wilson

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

People need to stop with the nonsense that Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is the next Russell Wilson.

He is not even close.

I’m not the first one to make this observation. Colin Cowherd has been on this train for awhile, and he’s absolutely right.

Look, it’s not exactly an incredibly difficult situation to figure out. Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel are almost identical to each other off and on the field. On the field both are undersized quarterbacks who make plays by buying time with their feet. Both are accurate throwers capable of hitting downfield receivers, but neither has a Brett Favre level arm.

They also both have had off the field issues. Manziel was known for his partying and has been arrested. Mayfield has the infamous arrest video where he tried to escape capture.

His similarities to Russell Wilson pretty much end after you compare the fact they have similar heights. Wilson is faster, has a way bigger arm, better decision maker on the field, doesn’t have to rely on his feet nearly as often and he has absolutely no off the field issues.

Those are the facts, and GMs willing to draft Mayfield believing he’s Russell Wilson 2.0 should be fired. Wilson is currently carrying the Seattle Seahawks pretty much all by himself. Would the Seahawks win more than three or four games this season if Mayfield were their quarterback? Almost certainly not.

And for all those who scoff at me, I said several years ago Carson Wentz would dominate the NFL. Very few people believed me, and look where we are now.

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