It’s Time To Smash The Panic Button On The Wisconsin Basketball Season

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The Wisconsin Badgers basketball team is in serious trouble.

They just lost to an okay Marquette team Saturday afternoon, and they didn’t just simply lose. They got dominated all over the court. Yes, they were missing D’Mitrik Trice and Kobe King. It’s still far from an acceptable loss.

The only bright spot of the whole game was when Khalil Iverson had a great dunk. Other than that, the game was complete joke.

I have never seen something like what we’re currently witnessing from the Wisconsin Badgers. They’re awful. This is one of the most dominant programs in America over the past two decades, and now they’re losing games to Marquette. It’s so embarrassing that I almost don’t even want to show my face in public.

I understand the fact that it’s a young team and we lost a ton. It shouldn’t matter. Great programs don’t rebuild. We simply reload.

Hopefully this nosedive gets fixed before this season is thrown away into the trash. Badgers fans won’t tolerate this for much longer.

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