‘Riverdale’ Is One Of The Worst Shows Ever Created

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

I wasted multiple hours of my life checking out the show “Riverdale,” and I’m not happy about it.

This show is talked about all the time on the internet. It’s clearly becoming a big deal, and my job as king of the internet is to never be behind the curve. Do you think I wanted to watch this show? No I didn’t, but I did it for you guys.

Let me make this crystal clear: “Riverdale” blows.

I have literally no idea what this show is about or what is happening so far through two episodes. Some kid got shot in the head, they found his body and his sister got arrested. Some how the writers took those very simple elements of the show and made the whole thing confusing as hell.

I wish there was somebody I could sue over the two hours of my life I lost over this trash. Everybody is out in the world going about their regular lives and I’m putting everything on the line for the loyal readers. I just wish somebody would have given me a warning before I dived in.

Maybe this is an overreaction, and I should give it a little more time. So far it’s been wildly disappointing.

This should have been a home run, and it’s just not. Of course, maybe I came in with way too high of expectations. Either way, I’m not buying one ounce of the hype for “Riverdale.”

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