This Tribute To American War Movies Might Be The Coolest Video On The Internet

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

I recently stumbled across a tribute to American war movies, and it might be the coolest video on the entire internet.

The video is a montage of America’s greatest war films. It cuts together every memorable movie you can think of as the famous speech from Patton is overlapped.

It’s a chilling video, but incredibly awesome at the same time.

There’s no way you can watch that video, and not be on your feet cheering by the end. I’m ready to run through a damn wall right now.

Anything that successfully combines every great war movie is a winner in my book every single day of the week. Anybody who doesn’t like that video should get out of the country. We don’t want you here and we don’t need you.


God bless the United States military and all the men and women who have put on a uniform. There are plenty of great things about America, but none are likely better than our military. I’d hate to be on the wrong side of a battle with our guys.

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