Baker Mayfield Was Looking A Bit Rough After Winning The Heisman

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Baker Mayfield didn’t look that great after winning the Heisman Trophy over the weekend.

The Oklahoma Sooners gunslinger appeared on ESPN Sunday, and looked exhausted.

Obviously, we have no idea what Mayfield did after winning the prized trophy, but I’d like to think he went out and tore it up in NYC. His entire persona is about being a baller with an ego who does whatever he wants.

Sometimes that means scoring touchdowns on Big 12 defenses, and other times it means running from the police.

Either way, he didn’t look like he got a whole lot of rest before he made an ESPN appearance. Maybe he should have shotgunned a Red Bull or something to fire up his energy.

I have no idea if Mayfield will be a solid NFL quarterback or not. All I know is that he’s starting to get a Manziel level of hype, and that means we’re in for a bunch of free entertainment.

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