Josh Gordon Is Officially Back, Trash Talks The Packers On Twitter

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon let people know Monday that the Packers secondary couldn’t hold his “jock strap.”

Gordon quote tweeted Packers defensive back Damarious Randall talking about covering Gordon, and hit him with, “Great Win for them but let’s be serious.. Considering several of our disadvantages as a team, this kid couldn’t hold my jock strap on my worst day [email protected]

Ladies and gentlemen, Gordon is officially back. You know things are going well when he’s hopping on social media to taunt a team that just beat him.

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You know he’s absolutely right too. There’s no chance anybody on the Packers can hang with him. Gordon is playing with a joke of roster, and is still dominating. He’d probably still put up numbers if I was back there throwing the ball to him.

I’m glad to see it looks like he’s now back to being himself. Let the trash talking continue.

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