Netflix’s CIA True Story Thriller ‘Wormwood’ Looks Like An Absolute Mind Bender

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Netflix’s upcoming series “Wormwood” looks like it could be one of the coolest things ever produced by the streaming service.

Den of Geek has the following details on the series:

Wormwood is a six-part true crime series about the death of a CIA employee Dr. Frank Olson. The series will explore the causes of Olson’s mysterious death by blending fact and fiction and combining documentary elements with a scripted narrative starring Peter Sarsgaard.

Sarsgaard stars as Olson, who fell from a hotel window to his death in 1953. The CIA denied a role in Olson’s death for decades until finally conceding in 1975 that it spiked Olson’s glass with LSD and his death was a drug-induced suicide. 

The trailer looks like it’s part documentary and part live action. It also looks incredibly haunting, and bleak as viewers are given a few details of what happened to Frank Olson.

Netflix has been hitting home run after home run lately. It seems like everything they touch turns to gold.

That leads me to believe that “Wormwood” is probably going to be pretty legit. Besides, it would seem like common sense that anything that combines the CIA, a thriller mystery, drugs and an unsolved mystery is almost certainly going to be incredibly entertaining.

It will be released December 15.

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