Rob Ryan Is Not A Fan Of Josh Gordon’s Touchdown Celebration

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Currently unemployed NFL coach Rob Ryan was not a fan of Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon’s touchdown celebration Sunday.

Gordon scored his first touchdown since 2014, and broke out a pair of sunglasses while on the sidelines.

Ryan wasn’t having any of it, and said on the radio, “I just wish (Josh Gordon) would sit on the bench and be happy where he’s at. You don’t need that. Everybody is rooting for this kid. Don’t turn it into something people don’t want to deal with. He doesn’t need to do that.”

I hate to say this is an overreaction, but that’s exactly what it is. Gordon has been through a very tough road, which was his own fault, but now he’s back in the NFL.

Maybe let him have his moment on the sideline celebrating his first touchdown in years. Seems pretty harmless.

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