Seattle Seahawks Player Tries To Climb Into The Stands After Beer Rains Down

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Quinton Jefferson tried to climb into the stands to fight the fans after a beer was thrown at him.

Jefferson was being walked off the field during a Sunday game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and all hell broke loose after somebody threw a beer at him.

He quickly tried to get into the stands to confront the fans. It looked like it was about to be Ron Artest all over again, but luckily he was restrained.

Jefferson is absolutely going to get suspended, but I have to admit that you kind of deserve to get rocked if you throw a beer at a player. I’m not saying what Jefferson did was okay. It most certainly wasn’t.

However, we shouldn’t act surprised when a player retaliates for having a beer thrown at him. It’s human nature to not exactly sit back and allow that to happen. Jefferson is also an idiot for trying to fight an entire fanbase. What did he think the best case scenario was there? It’d be him against dozens of people.

What an absolute circus from everybody involved.

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