They Actually Did It – ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Has Left Netflix

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is officially off Netflix, and that’s bad news for everybody.

News broke a few weeks ago that the hit show was leaving the streaming service. I stayed up at all hours of the night trying to formulate a plan to avoid this unimaginable catastrophe.

Unfortunately, I could do anything about the show leaving Netflix over the weekend. I have been in a state of constant disappointment and despair ever since. I thought I could do enough to save this show for all of you guys. Ultimately, I failed each and every one of you.

What am I supposed to do now when I stumble home from the bars? What should I watch on Netflix now? I’m sure there are a handful of fun shows, but nothing beats the gang from “It’s Always Sunny.”

There are dark times in everybody’s life, and I can say without question that the past few days have been some of the darkest of my life.

I’m like a lost puppy searching for my way in the world, and I don’t know what’s going to happen without being able to watch one of my favorite shows whenever I want.

I hoped we’d never cross this bridge, but here we are. All we can hope for at this point is that somebody over at the Netflix realizes the horrible mistake they’ve made and fixes it.

Until then, hold your loved ones close. We’re going to get through this.

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