Tim Tebow To The XFL? Doesn’t Sound Like It

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Tim Tebow didn’t seem eager to discuss the XFL when pressed by TMZ Sports.

The Florida Gators Heisman winner was leaving a restaurant when he was repeatedly asked about playing in Vince McMahon’s new league.

He didn’t have a single word to tell anybody about the league.

This video and his response shouldn’t be surprising at all. There is no reason Tebow would ever agree to join this league. Why would he? He knows his NFL days are over, he’s made his money, he’s playing baseball and he’s got his ESPN job. He’ll also be 32 years old when the XFL starts up in January 2020. I don’t think a dude in his 30s wants to be playing football in a startup league. Call me crazy, but I think Tim Tebow has better things to do.

This isn’t a Manziel situation at all. Manziel wants to play football, and doesn’t appear to have a ton of other options. Tebow has plenty of options, and working for ESPN pays well. I really hope Vince McMahon isn’t banking on Tebow as a crutch for the league because that really doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

There’s a better chance I’m playing quarterback for the Detroit Lions than there is of Tebow playing in the XFL.

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