Nothing Like A Big Hockey Fight In The Stands To Get The Blood Flowing

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

A fight recently broke out in the stands between the Syracuse club hockey team and the fans.

Barstool Sports posted the video, and it’s an incredible hockey brawl.

There’s nothing like a big old hockey brawl to get the blood pumping. I’m almost always against violence. I find it repulsive and sickening.

However, it’s a bit of a different game when it comes to hockey fights. Fighting in hockey is as natural as America winning world wars. They simply go hand in hand. Fighting isn’t allowed in other pro sports leagues for good reason, but it should absolutely always be a part of hockey.

In hockey actions have consequences, and sometimes the consequences involve getting smashed in your face.

You also have to love that the fans didn’t back down. They’re probably all have a case deep in beer, and ready to start letting it fly. The never back down mentality is what makes hockey great. It’s in the fans and the players.

Hockey is awesome, and this fight is just more reason why. I hope they let these guys duke it out until they just decided to shake hands an move on. That’s what hockey is all about.

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