Camille Kostek Celebrates Her Figure With Clip From SI Swimsuit Shoot

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Camille Kostek celebrated her “in-between” measurements with a behind-the-scenes clip Wednesday from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

“Recently I experienced a situation that rattled me for a moment, so I wanted to take it to my page for whoever is open to reading. I made modeling into a career in 2015. It was then that I started to endure criticism about my body,” the 25-year-old 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model shared with the clip on Instagram.

“Yes there’s always room for improvement, but I wasn’t going to take my body to drastic measures based on some of the agencys’ requests. I knew that I could flourish in my measurements, I just had to be patient and remind myself that someone would believe in me,” she added. “I have been told many times to lose X amount of weight or lose X amount off my hips and thighs in a certain amount of time, and only then I could come back and be seen again by the agency. Now I understand that that is the industry I signed up for, but I also knew that the industry could and would evolve, and I wanted to be apart of it somehow.” (RELATED: SI Swimsuit Models Turn Heads On Red Carpet In Skin-Tight Dresses [PHOTOS])

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“Just a few weeks ago I met with agents representing different cities, both nationally and internationally. And although for years I have been told to lose weight, for the first time at this meeting, I was told that it was too bad that I wasn’t a size 10. That plus size is a big market right now and it’s too bad I wasn’t measuring bigger,” she continued. “My size (4/6) is considered an ‘in-between size,’ meaning I’m not a straight model nor plus model, I’m right in the middle. For a second I felt defeated when I heard this. I thought to myself ‘when will I be enough?’ But this was just another part of my story, another opinion that would help make me more confident in my own skin.”

“At the end of the meeting, they asked if I had any questions or comments,” the former New England Patriots cheerleader shared. “I didn’t decline my chance to comment. I excitedly shared that my ‘in between’ measurements that usually cut my modeling opportunities short, will be highlighted in the upcoming SI issue next month.”

“How I am over the moon to be among other confidently beautiful women of all sizes and that I will hopefully be one of the women in the magazine that my 15 year-old-self could relate to,” she added. “And with that I walked out. I will continue to encourage you to embrace all that you are! You are enough! You are unique and you are YOU. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are your own competition and guess what baby… I’m rooting for you!”

Several other photos and clips from her stunning shoot in Belize for the 2018 issue have been shared on her social media account.

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