New Footage Shows Eagles Coach Doug Pederson Might Have The Special Super Bowl Sauce

Jena Greene | Reporter

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson isn’t one to brag but recently leaked footage reveals he might just have what it takes to win Super Bowl LII. While he may not be the flashiest guy in the game and he’s definitely not the meanest, he’s got something no other head coach in the NFL has. A quality so entirely unexpected, so raw and pure, something sweet and refreshing on a hot August day you’ll forget you have lactose intolerance.

Ice cream. Haagen Dazs, to be exact.

I’m pretty sure this is what’s winning Doug Pederson games. It’s not so much his eye for talent, the fact that he’s a players’ coach, or his killer visor. It’s his ability to live his life like an uncorrupted seventh grader. I’m pretty sure everyone in America grew up with a neighbor like Doug . There’s something so pure about a guy who runs around during a game telling his players to “be blessed,” and challenges Carson Wentz to throw-offs in the middle of a game.

You see, this right here is what’s going to make Super Bowl LII one of the greatest matchups on record. It’ll be the clash of personality titans. On the one side, you have the un-defeatable spirit that is Doug Pederson. On the other, you have the quiet, steady, and sinister Bill Belichick who shows no mercy on sweatshirts and is out for two things only: the Vince Lombardi trophy and blood.

Sunday is truly going to be a game to remember.

Full Disclosure: *The Daily Caller is a pro-Patriots office that fully recognizes and honors the historic achievements of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and I therefore acknowledge that I run the risk of losing my job once this article goes live. It ultimately doesn’t matter because I love my team enough to let them ruin my life.*

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Jena Greene



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