Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor Trade Barbs Over UFC Training Video

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continue to trade shots, and got into Tuesday after the legendary boxer posted a video of himself entering an octagon.

TMZ reported the following on what Mayweather was up to:

Sources connected to Floyd tell us … Floyd rented out the entire Syndicate MMA gym in Las Vegas on Monday for a private workout session. 

As far as the MMA training goes, we’ve spoken to multiple people and everyone is being VERY tight-lipped about what Floyd was working on inside the gym. 

We obviously know he spent some time in the cage — but no one will say if Floyd was doing actual MMA training or just getting his usual boxing workout in with a change of scenery.

Well, obviously McGregor saw the video, and couldn’t help himself from responding. He hit him up on Twitter, and posted a photo with his kid that’s captioned, “F**k the Mayweathers.”

Fuck the Mayweathers.

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Remember when these two did this stuff over social media for months to hype a fight between the two, and everybody thought it was absolutely crazy? The “experts” said there was no way these two would ever agree to a boxing match.

We all saw how that ended. It ended with Mayweather defeating McGregor in 10 rounds, but the whole world was watching. The fight was outstanding entertainment.

Now the “experts” are saying there’s zero chance Mayweather will ever get into a UFC fight, just like they said about McGregor and boxing. I’ll obviously believe it once the ink dries on the contracts, but you’re foolish to believe that there’s zero chance. Anything is possible when these two are involved.

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