Here’s Why The New England Patriots Are Actually America’s Team

Ford Springer | Reporter

Everyone has always considered the Dallas Cowboys to be “America’s Team,” but the New England Patriots probably fit that description far better than most teams around the NFL.

To start with the team’s name and colors are synonymous with the United States, but there is much more to the dominant franchise that makes them better suited for the distinction that the Dallas Cowboys hold.

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The New England Patriots are looking to take home their sixth Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, which would tie the record for the most Super Bowl Victories by one team set by the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the Patriots haven’t reached that level of success like most teams would go about it. They don’t rely on superstar players that came into the league in the first round of the draft. No. They rely on hard-working guys with a chip on their shoulder, many of which were undrafted and come into the NFL ready to prove everyone wrong.

For nearly two decades Tom Brady has been leading the Patriots to unmatched success around the NFL, but his legacy was born out of unlikely circumstances. Brady was selected in the sixth round of the NFL draft with the 199th overall pick and has done nothing but prove people wrong ever since.

Last year Brady solidified his claim as the greatest quarterback of all time after winning his fifth Super Bowl. That alone is immensely impressive, but he’s done it with teammates like himself that were underrated.

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This year the Patriots are heading into Super Bowl LII with a roster stacked with 18 players who weren’t even selected in the NFL draft. Among those 18 players are four that would now be considered NFL stars by anyone who follows football: Danny Amendola, James Harrison, Malcolm Butler and Chris Hogan. The rest are role players that do as head coach Bill Belichick often tells them to do: their jobs.

It’s a simple concept that rings true with every hard-working American out there. Do you job, and if you do it well and work hard, you will achieve success. No team in the NFL does that as well as the New England Patriots–not the Dallas Cowboys, nobody.

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The Patriots do whatever it takes to win. If Tom Brady has to take a pay cut to bring in some players who will help the team, he does it. If he has to step out there and sling the pigskin around using a hand that’s all stitched up from an injury, he does it. There’s nothing more American than laying it all on the line for the good of the group and that’s what the Patriots do day-in and day-out.

It’s about time the football fans of the United States recognize America’s true team, the New England Patriots.

Ford Springer



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