Critics Think Melania’s White SOTU Outfit Was ‘Symbolic’

Jena Greene | Reporter

Melania Trump made a stunning appearance at President Trump’s first State Of The Union Tuesday night. The first lady kept it conservative in an ivory Christian Dior suit paired with nude designer pumps.

But it didn’t take long for the media to dig into Melania’s outfit selection with the same amount of scrutiny it used to tear apart her husband’s speech. People criticized just about every part of her outfit, but it was the color of the suit that really seemed to stand out.

Many so-called journalists questioned whether Melania was wearing “suffragette white” to protest her husband. As speculators pointed out, several artists wore white to the Grammys last Sunday to raise awareness for the #MeToo movement.

A writer for The Daily Beast went as far as saying Melania’s white was a symbolic “statement of feminism” to “contrast to what many see as her husband’s misogyny.”

It seems that the media has developed such a fetish with the First Family that it now needs to drum up conspiracy theories about them in order to sell headlines. Melania’s communications director released a statement Wednesday morning regarding the theories that swept the nation.

“Once again the mainstream media is using their time to speculate on Mrs. Trump’s clothing when they could be telling the stories of her impactful and heroic guests last night, talking about the nation’s opioid crisis, or issues facing children,” the statement reads. “It’s unfortunate that in 2018 women are still subjected to this kind of silly scrutiny.”

It’s true. Melania has been the subject of a long running media campaign to derail her authenticity via her fashion choices. High-profile designers, the media and hypocritical feminists have fetishized Melania’s clothing by refusing to dress her, ridiculing her appearance and making her the butt of falsified jokes.

It’s unfortunate that the media now resembles jealous high schoolers trying to take down the pretty, popular girl by spreading fake rumors about her and obsessing over her outfits. The people like Melania. Get over it.

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