This Is The Most Cringe-Worthy Super Bowl Promo Ad Yet

Jena Greene | Reporter

Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minneapolis, took time out of his busy Super Bowl week to welcome the media, players, and fans to his home city.

In cooperation with Sports Illustrated, Frey boasted the natural wonders of Minneapolis. “We’ve got the lakes that encircle our city. The Mississippi River runs right down the center of it. And by the way, when you’re at the Mississippi make sure to check out the stone arch bridge.”

The whole thing seems very authentic and innocent, right down to Frey’s minor lisp. You even start to believe that Minnesota buried the hatchet after their crushing loss against the Eagles that ultimately eliminated their chances at the Super Bowl. Midwesterners really are as nice as they seem, you might think to yourself.

“A big welcome to the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fans,” he continues. “For the Eagles fans, don’t worry, we’re gonna be greasing all the lamp posts so you feel right at home.”

That may be a slight against Philly’s grittiness but what’s the harm in a little sportsmanlike teasing?

But at the conclusion of the video, Frey includes an “outtake” where he appears to complain to a producer, “Are we seriously welcoming the —– Eagles fans?” he questions angrily.

The whole thing is so cringe-worthy that you really can’t watch it more than once. This video only further proves that Minnesota fans should stick to their nice Skol clapping and leave the smack talk to the Eagles.

Full Disclosure: *The Daily Caller is a pro-Patriots office that fully recognizes and honors the historic achievements of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and I therefore acknowledge that I run the risk of losing my job once this article goes live. It ultimately doesn’t matter because I love my team enough to let them ruin my life.*

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Jena Greene



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