Viewers Think Amazon’s Super Bowl Alexa Ad Had A Hidden Message

Jena Greene | Reporter

One of Sunday’s most talked about Super Bowl LII ads was Amazon’s Alexa ad, where the voice assist software suddenly loses its voice and gets celebrities to help out.

Famous personalities like chef Gordon Ramsay, rapper Cardi B, actress Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins all filled in for Alexa while she recovered.

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But a few clever viewers saw through the star-studded cast and identified what they believe to be the deeper meaning behind the ad.

It’s in the first 5 seconds of the commercial, where the woman brushing her teeth is listening to the weather in Austin, Texas. As you might recall, Amazon is considering 20 cities to be the home of its next headquarters – and Austin is one of them.

There’s been a ton of speculation about which city Amazon is going to choose. And although CEO Jeff Bezos hasn’t disclosed when he plans to formally announce the site of HQ2, lots of people believe he already did.

Amazon is expected to make a big impact in its new city, regardless of the choice. Experts project the company will create 50,000 new jobs and cost $5 billion to build new headquarters. And the 20 finalists have been doing their fare share of courting Bezos, since Amazon added an estimated $38 billion to Seattle’s economy over six years.

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