Ohio State Player Wrecks Alabama Over NFL Draft Prospects

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Ohio State running back Mike Weber didn’t have time for Alabama on Twitter when it came to the NFL draft.

Fox College Football tweeted out a photo that showed Alabama had the most NFL combine invites with 14 players going. Ohio State came in second with 11. They captioned the photo, “Surprise, surprise. @AlabamaFTBL rolling out the NFL prospects.”

Weber hit back with a tweet of his own that said, “Naw we just stayed in school.”

I love this tweet. These two schools’ fanbases went at each other hard after Alabama took the last spot in the playoff over Alabama, and now OSU players are chirping at them on Twitter.

What kind of comeback do you even have to Weber’s tweet? There is none. If you attack him it looks like you don’t care about education. He played the whole situation to absolute perfection.

OSU really has the biggest trump card in this situation because the last time these two schools played it didn’t end well for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. I hate the Buckeyes with a burning passion, but you have to respect their over the top attitude.

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