Charles Barkley Doesn’t Remember One Of His Games Because He Was So Drunk

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

NBA legend Charles Barkley admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that he once played a game so drunk that he doesn’t remember a single second of it.

It all went down after Barkley had been informed he was being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers from the Philadelphia 76ers.

“Me and my boys went out to celebrate. We started getting drunk in the middle of the day. I was so excited. My agent called me back about three hours later and said the 76ers pulled out of the deal. And we got a game that night…I don’t remember anything about that game. First off, I was so pissed, but I was so drunk too. I have no idea what happened in that game…I don’t even remember the game, actually,” Barkley explained during a Wednesday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Why doesn’t this surprise me one bit. Barkley is a legend not just because he was a star on the court. He’s a legend because his personality is just out of control and so entertaining.

We need Barkley mic’d up 24/7. I would watch a movie about his life in a heartbeat. Even better would be a podcast where he just takes us through a year-by-year breakdown of his life. That would be outstanding. Listing to “Uncle Chuck” never gets old, and we all need more of him in our basketball coverage.

I also don’t think we can understate how hard it is playing basketball drunk. I’ve played some pickup games a few beers deep, and it is very difficult. It’s pretty hard to run the court and play defense while trashed, but if anybody could pull it off it would be Barkley.

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