Today Is The Four Year Anniversary Of T.J. Oshie’s Olympic Heroics Against Russia

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

T.J. Oshie became an American Olympic hockey hero on this day four years ago during the winter games in Sochi, Russia.

Oshie was selected to repeatedly take shootout goals in a matchup against Russia. It was the most beautiful hockey moment we’ve had since the Miracle on Ice.

The young American star showed guts that we just simply haven’t seen out of many athletes.

What a spectacular and special moment. There are some sports moments that we will remember for the rest of our lives. I remember watching this happen and just getting chills. There was a cold beer in my hand and I couldn’t look away.

Talk about intensity and tension. I was on the edge of my seat with every movement of his skates and stick blade. It was a stunning moment for Americans everywhere. We went to Russia and kicked Putin’s boys. Oshie went from being a relatively well-known NHL player to becoming an American sports hero in a matter of minutes.

It’s crazy to think about how quickly a life can change and get etched into history forever. God bless the USA Olympic squad and Oshie.

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