It’s National Singles Day — That’s A Good Reason To Crack A Beer

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Today is National Singles Day, and that sounds like the perfect time to crack a beer.

Some might think this would be a sad beer or a drink to ease the pain of not being in a relationship. That speculation would be incorrect.

This is a celebration beer. Sure, all the rumors and news reports you’ve likely heard are true. I do not currently have a girlfriend. I’m flying that single flag. Don’t waste your tears for me. I’ve been tearing it up lately. Even got one girl to hit me with her phone number a few weeks ago. She didn’t text back, but it’s the step in the right direction that matters.

In the meantime, our freedom is something to celebrate. You know who I currently answer to? Nobody. I have the right to sit on the couch all day, watch football, crush beers, hit up any women I want, fail at the previous task, pass out at midnight and nobody can say anything about it.

You simply don’t have the kind of freedom when you’re in a relationship. I’m also a total free agent right now when it comes to my options. Supermodel? Maybe. Super famous actress who might have starred in “Harry Potter”? Why not. A variety of different singers? It’s always a possibility.

There are obviously advantages to being in a relationship. Being yelled at about hanging out too much with your buddies is not one of them.

So, to all the guys out there with awesome girlfriends. Congratulations. You guys rock. To all the guys who have awful dead relations, I suggest giving freedom a shot. Everybody needs to run wild for a little bit.

Embrace the chaos.

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