Models Might Have Successfully Changed My Opinion Of Valentine’s Day

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day is officially in the books, and I’ve taken a long and hard look at my evolving stance on the issue.

I’ve previously come out as not a huge Valentine’s Day guy. It’s not that I particularly have anything against the day or those who celebrate. It’s more that I don’t think you need an excuse to go out to a nice dinner, get your significant other a gift or anything else of that nature. Anything you do on Valentine’s Day can be done on any other day of the week. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

However, I took the night to sleep on everything I saw yesterday, and I might be coming around as a pro-Valentine’s Day guy. How did this happen? Great question. (SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Barely Wore Anything)

It’s not a very long or complicated answer. I was introduced yesterday to how models react on Valentine’s Day, and it quickly changed my mind. (SLIDESHOW: 71 Times Samantha Hoopes Stripped Down)

They went all out for the day with revealing photos, and that’s something we should all be in support of. (SLIDESHOW: 60 Times Abigail Ratchford Wore Almost Nothing)

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And just like that I’m leaning to the pro-Valentine’s Day side. I will get behind any movement or day that involves hot women in revealing outfits. Who wouldn’t be? (SLIDESHOW: This Blonde Bombshell Might Be The Hottest Model On The Internet)

I was pretty impartial, if not against Valentine’s Day as of 24 hours ago. Now I’m kind of a fan, or maybe I’m just a fan of models. It’s kind of hard to tell. Either way, props to me for being willing to evolve when I get new information. It takes a big man to admit when things might not be as we all thought.

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