Arizona Cheerleader Ejected For Heckling Opponent Is A Modern Day Sports Hero

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

A male Arizona Wildcats cheerleader was ejected from the Thursday night game against Arizona State because he wouldn’t stop heckling the players.

The cheerleader was tossed while the Sun Devils were shooting free throws, and he walked to the tunnel with his head held high and his chest out.

First off, I hate the ref who decided to toss this guy. What a soft baby move. It’s college basketball. You’re not into the game if you’re not chirping. That’s just part of sports. Spare me the dramatics and let the cheerleaders do their things.

Secondly, I admire the spirit of anybody willing to get tossed for his guys and his school. Forget the ref. Do whatever you have to do to get a win, which the Wildcats did last night. I call this heroics. Some might call it over the top. Those people are wrong.

Block out the haters, chirp the shooters and make their night a living hell. The ends justify the means, gentlemen. The ends justify the means.

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