ESPN Commentator Attacks Trump For Signaling To The ‘White Mainstream’ That It’s Okay To Be Racist

Justin Caruso | Contributor

ESPN’s Max Kellerman went after President Trump for apparently allowing the “white mainstream” to think it’s okay to be racist.


Kellerman, in reference to the presidency, said, “From that position it is true others in our past have in that position have dog whistled to racists, have sown division for political gain, but never as overtly as this.”

“There are many people who have come in from the margins in American life, minority groups excluded from mainstream American life for years, who right now feel the advances that were made are under attack. There is blatant signaling to others, really the white mainstream — how else can you phrase it? — it is okay.”

“It is okay. There is a permissive kind of atmosphere that makes people feel unsafe,” he continued. “Others from minority groups feel unsafe.” (RELATED: Trump Has ESPN Thinking They’re Actually CNN)

This isn’t the first time Kellerman has made an outlandish statement on ESPN. Last month, he argued that Norte Dame’s Fighting Irish mascot should be changed as it is offensive to Irish-Americans. (RELATED: ESPN Host: Change Notre Dame’s Mascot Because It’s Offensive To Irish)

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