Black Washington Capitals Player Gets Into It With Fans Over ‘Basketball’ Taunt

David Hookstead | Reporter

Washington Capitals player Devante Smith-Pelly addressed the media Sunday after getting into with Chicago Blackhawks fans Saturday.

The fans were reportedly taunting Smith-Pelly in the penalty box by repeatedly saying “basketball.”

He eventually got up, grabbed his stick and confronted them. It was intense to say the least.

I love sports, and it’s disgusting to see things like this happen. There’s nothing wrong with a little chirping, but this crossed the line by a country mile.

It has always amazed me by how stupid some fans will get because they believe there’s nothing the athletes will do. You could tell in the video above that Smith-Pelly was ready to rumble, as most people would be in his situation. What an absolute dumbass and unacceptable move from these fans.

The NHL should think long and hard about whether or not they want these fans in an arena ever again. You don’t deserve the pleasure and fun of an NHL game if you’re going to throw subtle racist jabs at players in the penalty box.

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