Jonah Hill Has Lost A Ton Of Weight, He Looks Unrecognizable These Days

David Hookstead | Reporter

Jonah Hill has lost a remarkable amount of weight, and looks like a totally different man these days.

Hill is one of the most successful actors in all of Hollywood. However, he might be able to slip by people without getting recognized as often in his current state.

Here is a video of him overweight while in the movie “Moneyball.”

I think it’s safe to say that he’s lost a considerable amount of weight.

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He doesn’t just look like he’s lost weight in some of those photos. The photo with him behind the camera, he looks like he’s actually kind of got lean and muscular.

It’s crazy how much Hill has changed since his days in “Superbad.” Good for him. Staying healthy and reasonably in shape is very important, and it looks like Hill is on top of his health these days. Nobody wants to be severely overweight, and even fewer people are able to drop a ton of weight. Hopefully, Hill keeps it up.

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