Khloe Kardashian Has Made A Decision On Tristan Thompson’s Fate

Jena Greene | Reporter

It’s been several days since NBA star Tristan Thompson was allegedly caught on camera cheating with an Instagram model in Manhattan. Text messages, photos, and videos containing lewd and compromising information on the Cavs center leaked online and just like that, we had an internet meltdown on our hands.

It’s also been reported that Thompson cheated back in October in a Hookah lounge in Washington, DC.

When she found out this week, Khloe Kardashian apparently “went ballistic.” Which is pretty understandable. She’s nine months pregnant and due any day now. She may or may not have gone into labor on Wednesday.

The Kardashians reportedly flew into Cleveland to be at Khloe’s side and everybody thought it was game over. The Kardashians had circled the wagon and Tristan would be ousted. At least that’s what I thought.

But today, TMZ reported that Khloe is trying to get past her heartbreak and will allow Tristan in the delivery room with her.

“We’re told Khloe doesn’t want her personal feelings to ruin one of the most important moments in a person’s life … the birth of a child,” TMZ reports.

Which is just absolutely wild. I don’t expect much out of the Kardashians but this goes beyond the pale. If you leave the expectant mother of your child home alone to go run around with some random model, you’re taking a gamble. I don’t care how important or athletic you are. Tristan Thompson willingly entered into an agreement to ruin his life. Nobody forced him to cheat. But he should be forced out of the delivery room and out of Khloe’s life. Zero tolerance, no questions asked. It’s that simple.

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