Questioning Josh Rosen Because His Family Has Money Is Anti-American

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

NFL scouts potentially being hesitant about Josh Rosen because his family has a little bit of money is beyond stupid.

Rosen recently stated in an interview with ESPN:

OK, my family isn’t, like, stupid-wealthy. But I’m coming from a place where if football doesn’t work out, I don’t have to work at McDonald’s. Other NFL players had the same opportunities. I just haven’t tried to hide it or fool teams into thinking I’m someone I’m not. My passion for this game lies in the game, not my need to play it. Tons of players needed this game, needed the money, played it out of obligation and burned out. I don’t need it and still I give everything to it.

That totally reasonable comment has led to some asking if scouts are “turned off” by Rosen’s family money.

Let me totally clear here, you’re an idiot if you’re worried about Rosen because his family has some money in the bank. Big deal. Why is that problem? Do we now judge wealthy people and the children of wealthy people because they’ve got some coin? I thought this was America and we judged people on their merits. Maybe I’m wrong, and I’m living in a communist country where the successful people are the villains.

Look, I grew up as a regular everyday guy in Wisconsin, and I wouldn’t want where I grew up to be used for or against me. The only thing that should be used to judge me are the results I produce, and the fashion I get the job done. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some successful people throughout the course of my life, and I’ve never held it against them or questioned their work ethic.

I’ve also known the children of people worth more money than God and children who grew up in poverty. There are winners and losers in both groups, and I’ve never once found that the net worth of their parents dictated their work ethic. Maybe they just had really great parents all the way around. I don’t know.

I don’t know why, but this is infuriating to me. Sports are supposed to be a place where the fat is trimmed and nothing matters but results. The fact Rosen has to defend his parents have a little bit of money is absurd, and embarrassing.

None of this rests on Rosen. This all rests on the morons in the media who have somehow cultivated a culture where the children of well off people are to be judged on their parents, instead of their own talents. I’ve also liked Rosen as a QB, and I like the fact he’s open about his life. Good for him. The haters can get lost. Maybe if they were busy working a job instead of complaining, they’d have some money too.

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David Hookstead

Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief


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