Two Alligators Get Violent On A Golf Course, Why Aren’t We Shooting Them?

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

A viral video is circulating the web showing two alligators brawling on a golf course, and it’s terrifying.

Two massive gators are locked in with each other as golfers just casually observe, which is complete insanity.

I’m being serious when I say that we need to start shooting these things. How are these people not worried at all?

I don’t want to sound like a fake tough guy or anything like that, but I’d be terrified in these situations. I would be absolutely horrified. My weapon would be out of its holster in a heartbeat, and I would be clacking rounds off as fast as I could squeeze the trigger.

Alligators should have died with the rest of the dinosaurs. I don’t know why they didn’t, but I really wish they would have. Those beasts have no business being around humans. It’s time for an extermination effort against alligators. It’s a harsh thing to say, but it’s 100 percent true.

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