FSU Football Player Surprised By His Navy Brother In Heartwarming Moment

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Florida State football player Derrick Kelly was surprised over the weekend during his spring game by his brother Derrickus.

Derrick, who plays on the offensive line, had not seen his brother in over two years because he’s been away in the Navy, according to ABC27’s Alison Posey. I’d recommend grabbing a box off tissues because this video will be jerking at your heart.

It’s moments like these that we remember that sports can be much bigger than just a game. Imagine not seeing your sibling for multiple years, and then being surprised by them during the spring game of a major football program.

It’s an awesome moment for everybody involved, and it’s awesome that these two brothers finally got to reunite. No matter what happens the rest of the season, Kelly will always have this moment to look back at. Good for FSU and everybody that came together to pull off this surprise. This is what America is all about.

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