Politics Could Be Hurting Josh Rosen’s NFL Outlook

David Hookstead | Reporter

Former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen’s big personality and politics might be hurting him with NFL teams.

Bleacher Report published a long profile on Rosen and the questions surrounding them. They wrote in part about Rosen compared to other high profile quarterbacks who aren’t vocal:

They didn’t wear a “F–k Trump” hat to one of the then-presidential candidate’s golf courses. They didn’t pose for a picture in a hot tub they’d installed in their dorm room. They didn’t blast UCLA and the NCAA after the Bruins signed a marketing deal with Under Armour.

Said one executive, “That’s all funny when you’re not getting 50 people fired if you miss on a quarterback. The last thing we need is the face of our team tweeting about the president when we’re on a losing streak.”

This is not overly surprising, but it’s getting exhausting following all the potential problems with Rosen. He gets ripped because his parents have a little bit of money, and he’s getting ripped for being political. I understand the criticism over him being vocal. The criticism over money is and always will be absurd.

NFL teams invest millions of dollars into their starting quarterbacks. They are not eager to take on a lot of risk, and having a vocal quarterback can be a potential problem. Now, it’s important to recognize that you can get away with a lot more when you’re talented, which Rosen most certainly is.

Rosen is also very smart, and you’d have to be an idiot to be tweeting about the president during a losing streak. Once again, here I am having to defend Rosen from the nonstop barrage of attacks against him. I was neutral on this guy a year ago, and now I’m all in.

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