Russell Wilson’s ‘Depth Chart’ Wisconsin Video Will Forever Be Incredible

David Hookstead | Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Russell Wilson’s “Depth Chart” video from his time at Wisconsin is awesome.

I found some free time on my hands yesterday, and found myself on YouTube watching this super old video. I didn’t even know it was online, and I haven’t seen it in at least six years.

Well, I’m sure glad I stumbled across it because it’s another reminder of the amazing job ESPN did chronicling Wilson’s arrival at Wisconsin.

I remember Wilson at Wisconsin like it was yesterday. The state was on fire for the arrival of the superstar quarterback, but I don’t think anybody thought he’d be as good as he turned out.

The man can straight up play some football. I was in the stands when he lit up Nebraska. It was under the lights, the stadium was packed and we’d be drinking since sun up. It was gut check time, and we were all waiting to see just how good Wilson was.

He stunned the fans and shot onto the national scene as the next big quarterback. He obviously went on to win a Super Bowl, but I really don’t think people are remembering just how electric he was at Wisconsin.

We just need Wisconsin to go find the next Wilson and everything should be gravy.

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