Young Caps Fan Experiences A Rollercoaster Of Emotions Over A Hockey Puck

Ford Springer | Reporter

The Washington Capitals lost game 2 of their playoff series against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday but at least one Caps fan went home happy.

Before the game even began, Capitals wing Brett Connolly noticed a young girl sitting behind the glass and decided to give her a hockey puck as a souvenir. However, it didn’t go exactly as planned and the young fan went from excited to devastated to cloud nine within moments.

Connolly intended to give a puck to the girl the entire time, but had to throw three pucks over the glass before the young girl finally got one. Obviously it was well worth the trouble.

The entire exchange that will break your heart and make it whole again in a matter of seconds was caught on video and has gone viral over the past 24 hours for obvious reasons. Win or lose Connolly can rest easy knowing he made that little girl’s day before the game even started.

The Capitals will now head to Columbus after getting off to a slow start in the series at home down 0-2.

Ford Springer



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